Vilma, Seve and Markus live together in midtown Helsinki and struggle together against the sneaking thirties crisis. Vilma is a party princess from a wealthy family who has always wanted to do things her own way. Her work avoiding boyfriend Seve’s mission in life is to adore Vilma. Vilma’s handsome BFF Markus, who is successful in city’s advertising world, has the same mission. The threesome is partying in Helsinki nightlife like it was the last day of their lives, even though the fear of settling down and having a family is taking shape in front of them. One night after they have celebrated Vilma’s thirtieth birthday things get out off hand and the threesome ends up sleeping together.

Two weeks later pregnancy test exposes that Vilma has gotten pregnant by one of the guys. Seve, Markus and Vilma have to face the hard reality - new responsibility of a baby might be exactly the thing that will separate the threesome. Their solution? They decide to keep living together and raise the child together!

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